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Introduction to the Psalms


I have loved the Psalms for over 46 years. They have been my comfort and joy, leading me to the place where worship flows. When discouraged or downcast, I have never failed to take new strength from reading the Psalms. They charge my batteries and fill my sails… They seem to grow even more powerful as I grow older. Their thunder stirs me; their sweet melodies move me into the sacred emotions of a heart on fire… The dark rain clouds of grief turn to bright rainbows of hope, just from meditating on David’s soul-subduing songs.

The Psalms are the “Hallmark Cards” section of the Bible. Here we find the words that express our deepest and strongest emotions, no matter what the circumstances. Every emotion of your heart is reflected in the Psalms. Reading the Psalms will turn sighing into singing and trouble into triumph. 189 times the word PRAISE is found in this book. There is simply nothing that touches my heart like the Psalms.

All of Scripture speaks to us, but the Psalms speak for us. David knew me. Asaph sang my song. The sons of Korah felt what I feel. Thousands of years ago my deepest feelings were put to music… this is what we delightfully discover when reading the Psalms!

Poetry on Fire

The Psalms are clearly poetic. They are praises placed inside of poetry. Everyone who reads the Psalms realizes how filled with emotion they are! You will never be bored in reading the poetry that spills out of a fiery passionate heart. These verses containing both poetry and music which touch the heart deeply. Much of Christianity has become so intellectualized that our emotions and artistic creativity are often set aside as unimportant in the worship of God. The Psalms free us to become emotional, passionate, sincere worshippers. It is time to sing the Psalms! For this reason, I believe a contemporary name for the book of 1 Psalms could be— Poetry on Fire!

WORSHIP is the central theme of the Psalms. It is a book of worship designed to lift the human spirit to the throne of God. These 150 poetic masterpieces give us an expression of faith and worship. They become a mirror to the heart of God’s people in our quest to experience God’s presence.

The Psalms are Pure Praise

True praise elevates God, not the speaker. True praise will magnify God in the community of the saints, not just in the private thoughts of the one speaking. Praise is a matter of life and breath. As long as we have breath we are told to praise the Lord. The one commandment repeated most frequently in the Bible is this: Praise the Lord!

The Psalms release an anointing of PRAISE that will lift heaviness off the human heart. When the believer wears the “garment of praise” we make a joyous confidence in God our covering. This replaces

The Psalms contain the lyrics for the high praises. As the church moves into partnership with God, our songs of high praise will dislodge demonic strongholds over nations. The songs of the Lord sung by passionate hearts will one day release the judgments of God to the earth, just like Moses’ rod released the plagues of Egypt (See Psalm 149). The highest praises lift up the highest themes of spiritual worship and unlock revelation to the hearts of God’s people.

The Psalms are prayers. The doxology of Book II of the Psalms (72:20) concludes with the words, “the prayers of David, son of Jesse.” The author of each Psalm was writing His poem as prayer to God. The Psalms have been called the ‘little brother’ of prayer. Mixed with intercession the Psalms become the fuel for our devotional life. Each psalm is a prayer. So many worship songs have been inspired by this book of prayer-poetry!

The Psalms will unlock mysteries and parables, for in the purest praise is the cryptic language of a prophet. The wisdom of God is contained in these 150 keys. You have a key chain with master keys to unlock God’s storehouse of wisdom and revelation. It is the “harp” (anointed worship) that releases divine secrets. Read carefully Psalm 49:4 “I will turn my ear to a proverb; with the harp I will expound my riddle.”

The prophetic anointing rests upon the Psalms. David’s harp will bring revelation and understanding to the people. Singers who tap into the anointing of the Psalms will bring forth truths in their songs that will break the hearts of people and release understanding to the church. The prophets must become musicians and the musicians must become prophets for the Key of David to be given to the church. 3 The Psalms provide for the church today a model of worship and prayer that must be restored as the Tabernacle of David (Amos 9:11, Acts 15:16-17). The Psalms are meant to bring joy to the hearts of the saints (James 5:13) and praise to the heart of the Father.



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